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The Last Blog

By Jamie Rodney

In the (Jesus Christ, that went fast) months I’ve been writing this column, I’ve tried to steer clear of being excessively self indulgent. Now, I’m aware that that statement might seem incongruous given that I’ve done nothing but talk to myself in the (holy mother of God where did the time go) summer since I was given the column, but in my defence, I’ve tried to shy away from super-niche topics that only I care about. However, given that it’s the end of summer, and everyone’s likely to be too busy with packing, moving in and the general hurly-burly of preparing for a new year in the bubble, I’ve decided to devote this article to one of my own special interests: language.

As an English student (or, more accurately, as a nerd), I’m totally fascinated by the way language works. More specifically, what it is that makes a phrase fun to say, read, listen to.

For example, a few days ago, I read a message from one of my friends describing Facebook as a bag of dicks, and smiled. I’m not sure why- it’s not exactly a pretty phrase, and my friend was frustrated when she said it. But nonetheless, I got pleasure from seeing it. ( I never want to type “got pleasure from seeing” and “a bag of dicks” that close to each other in a sentence ever again.)

If I could put why this was the case into words, I’d be a much better writer, and a much more emotionally intelligent human being than I am. But, unfortunately, I can’t. All I can say is, everyone (or at least, a lot of people I’ve spoken to) has phrases they don’t have any reason to like hearing, but do anyway. These phrases are diverse and hard to define, but you recognise them when you come across them.

And that is what makes this slightly odd train of thought relevant to Populus. Since I was given this column, I have been doing my best to present some kind of workable definition, some kind of easy understanding, of friendship and the stuff that comes with it. But it turns out, I can’t. And it also turns out, I don’t need to. Simply by virtue of being human, we all understand how friendship works, and what it involves, and you don’t need a student blogger to tell you about it. Friendship and relationships are complex, diverse, and hard to define, but you recognise it when you come across it.

So ends my last blog of this summer series. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it, and that you’ve found my contributions useful, or, at the very least entertaining. If you didn’t, then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you, because I’ll be contributing weekly to the Populus blog over the semester as well. In order to make this a little different from the summer series, I’m going to try and turn this set of blogs over to you. If you have any ideas for what you want me to write next, or even any comments or criticisms you’d like to make about my blogging, please email I think it would be good to get a dialogue going. So please, make yourselves know.

You’re a bag of dicks, otherwise.

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