This word document was originally saved to start my philosophy essay, but there was something more pressing nagging at my mind. Sorry PY1010.

Recently I gave a lecture as part of one of my modules, speaking about the growth of Populus and the biggest thing I wanted to emphasise was team work. I hate team work, and I admitted it during the lecture, but it is so important!

Having the right people pushing for what you believe in is super important, but what is equally necessary is surrounding yourself with the right people, or those that you enjoy spending time with. Sometimes this starts with surrounding yourself with people, quite literally.

A small example draws on one of my biggest annoyances. Why do people leave a seat between themselves and you during a lecture? WHY? What is so intimidating about me that should I be in a row on my own, when you inevitably come to join the same row, you are almost next to me, but not quite? I would urge you all to sit right next to someone and say “Hey, how are you?”

How much nicer would that be than awkwardly shuffling your bag to let the person next to you in? Just bloody sit next to someone.

I try to surround myself with people as much as possible, and I love to hear about everyone else’s day. Of course, I have anecdotes from my week and such, but every day during primary and secondary school I would come home and tell my parents or my grandparents every detail about my day. I can quite easily phone up my parents and tell them everything, but to be honest when I meet someone for coffee I’d rather delve into their week than mine. Obviously I have things to tell you, but that isn’t what I’m meeting up with you for. There is of course a certain give and take when you meet up with someone for a coffee, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear about you any less.

Beyond that, I’d like to know about your childhood and your parents and your family and their latest adventures. Maybe I’m a stalker, maybe I’m not, but I am interested in people.

In the past few days I’ve begun to wonder what I stand for and what I’m interested in, because when someone asks me “What do you get up to in your spare time?” (well, for one, I don’t have spare time, but more on that later), it’s difficult to give an answer.

So today I’ve come to the conclusion that what I’m passionate about is people, which is a relief because “Populus” is the latin word for “people”. Enjoying the company of others, getting to know people, sharing a coffee or a meal with someone is enough of a pastime for me.

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