An expanding social group, aiming to reduce loneliness and encourage happiness, one coffee date at a time.

    "Populus means people, and that's who it's for. For all of us."

    Registered charity: SC047243

  • What We Do

    St Andrews

    Based in Fife, Populus St Andrews encourages students to reach out to others and just have some fun, even if it's just for a coffee date. One thing each member of our Executive Team found when we started our University journey was how difficult it was to be social, so Populus wants to encourage even the shyest of people to come to our bake sales, drink tea, go to the cinema with others, all in the name of having some company and a friend.

    University and Town Gown matters

    Membership will be open to any matriculated student at the University of St Andrews, as well as any other attendees of our events or beneficiaries of Populus. This means that if you come along to our events or interact with us in anyway, no matter whether you are a student or a member of the wider community, you are a member of our organisation.

  • Our vision & ideas

    Encouraging students across the globe to reach out, mingle and make new friends.

    Speed Friending

    Find the person who would pee on your foot, if you were stung by a jellyfish. ​

    Complete with conversation cards to cull any awkwardness, speed friending often occurs in Freshers and across Hall Residences. You never know, the person you see every day but don't speak to might become your best friend.

    The Coffee Date

    In groups of two or twenty, if you've an hour to spare, one of us will be there.

    Sometimes we hold The Coffee Date in a coffee shop, but other times we feel all you need is a free hot drink and some cake. Even if you miss our adverts on Facebook, you might just see us on Market Street with free treats! Want to meet someone anonymously? We have that covered too. 

    The Breakfast Club

    The early bird catches the worm, or meets a friend for breakfast.

    Similar to The Coffee Date, The Breakfast Club can be a group or friend to friend affair. While it's aimed to occur before 12pm, you can't forget that All Day Brunches are a thing. Good food, good people and conversation prompt cards make for an amazing break from a busy lifestyle.

    Cinema Friend

    Want to go to the cinema but not on your own? There's a group of potential cinema friends waiting for you.  ​

    Whether it's a cheese filled film or action movie you want to see, Populus has an abundance of people who want to share the trip to the cinema with you.

    These are just some of our suggestions

    But Rome wasn't built in a day, so if you're looking for a friend to attend an event, a dance partner, or someone to eat cake with, just get in touch! ​

    Drop us a note below or email Sam at sar22@st-andrews.ac.uk.

  • Meet Our Executive Team

    Our St Andrews team came together in June 2016, all of us with a passion for change, people and having a good time. Most of the time we work from St Andrews, hosting as many events for people as possible.

    Sam Ross

    Founder, Director & Trustee

    Sam loves to drink coffee and be super busy - always with her planner in her hand, she even has her sleep schedule planned to the minute!

    Ruxy Chitac

    Social Media Butterfly & Trustee

    A coffee addict, Ruxy does a fantastic job of organising social media strategies and ensuring our image is at its best!

    Camilla Lillelund

    Talent Administrator & Trustee

    Camilla is our fantastic volunteers coordinator, and is crucial in ensuring all of our events are fully staffed with the best people - our executive committee!

    Rebecca Gunson

    Hall Panel & Events Team Coordinator

    A huge lover of doggos, Rebecca also spends her time leading our events assistants and reaching out to university accommodation!

    Matthew Foxley

    Events Assistant

    Matthew joined our events team in May 2017, and is always up for a chat at our events!

    Tanaya Jain

    Events Assistant

    Tanaya joined our events team in May 2017 after sitting on our hall panel for our first year in St Andrews.

    Ollie Sayers

    Events Assistant

    Ollie joined our events team just like Matthew and Tanaya in May 2017, after working with us previously through collaborations!

    Kelsey McIntyre

    Events Assistant

    Kelsey also joined our events team in May 2017 and is currently working on our brand new study buddy programme, which aims to help students make new connections with classmates.

    Jamie Rodney

    Chief Blogger

    Jamie is an avid writer for various student newspapers, and joined our team to launch our summer blogging series!

    David Mackenzie


    David has been with Populus from the start and now keeps in touch from his home in Glasgow.

    Phoebe Gilderdale


    Like David, Phoebe has been with Populus since way back in June 2016, and now keeps in touch from her year abroad in Spain.

    Katie Rosalyn Lawry

    Events Assistant

    Katie has been with us since the beginning, helping out with events and making hot chocolates! She keeps in touch from her year abroad, and we hope to see her again soon!

  • Blogs

    Here you can find blogs which we each individually write, and we hope this shows you our vested interest in wellbeing. We'll share some home truths, give advice and reflect on various topics, but if you feel we're missing something, give us a shout -- we'd love to have you write for us!

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    Come and join us for coffee and cake. Why leave a note when you can have cake?

  • always give credit where credit is due

    From the pictures we use, the brain power which drives Populus and those of you who come to our events, thank you.

    The Executive Team

    David, Rebecca, Camilla, Phoebe, Alethea, Mansi, Ruxy and all our amazing volunteers have such wonderful qualities and put so much work into making Populus the best it can be. Not just pretty faces, these amazing people contribute their time, effort, Facebook shares and likes, cake and sleep to making this organisation work. Thank you!

    Online Sources

    Some of the pictures we use on our website, including the background of our logo are taken from online sources such as Pinterest and freepik.com. A big thanks also to Canva for providing us with the tools we needed to advertise our events on social media. Thank you!

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